Louisiana Investment Properties

Whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or someone who is ready to get started in real estate investing, we will deliver deeply discounted properties directly to you.

Chances are, you started investing in real estate because of the great financial returns and the freedom you get from allowing your investments to work for you.

That freedom comes from having a great team of trusted professionals in place to handle the key functions of your real estate investing portfolio.

A great real estate investment is born when you create the deal. The price you buy is critical and finding those below-market deals is very difficult when you are focused on your daily life.

Louisiana Real Estate Investment Properties at Discounted Prices Delivered Direct to You.

After we buy homes and properties, we renovate and update them so they’re ready for sale or rent on the retail market.louisiana real estate investment properties

We have turnkey rental properties available, as well as great deals on properties that we haven’t yet renovated and are available to sell well below retail market value.

We buy at the right price so we can sell to you at the right price.

One of the core principles Warren Buffet made famous is the “Margin of Safety”.  Simply put, it’s an investing philosophy that delivers outstanding returns while minimizing risk. It’s predicated on buying an investment at a price that he feels is much lower than the true value of the investment. What is commonly referred to as Value Investing. By buying an investment at a low price he protects himself should the investment not turn out the way he envisioned and creates incredible returns when the investment performs well. It’s the same philosophy we use when evaluating real estate investment properties in Louisiana.

Whatever your real estate investment criteria, we can deliver deeply discounted properties direct to you. Whether it’s single family houses, 4-plexes, Duplexes, Apartments or even commercial investment properties.

Top 5 Reasons To Receive Our Exclusive Buyers List

  1. Off-Market Deals. Want deals without competing with thousands of buyers on the MLS? Our properties are not  listed on the MLS. Our buyers list gives you the “secret” deals most people never know about.
  2. Pennies on the Dollar. Our deals are priced low because we buy right. 30 to 60% of ARV and always a deep discount from current retail prices (actives and sold comps).
  3. Directly to Your Inbox. We e-mail you the deals with all the info you need: photos, pricing, comps and sample pro forma.
  4. Save Your Money & Time. Finding hot real estate deals is time consuming and expensive. Save countless hours and thousands of dollars by joining our buyer list. You focus on the deals and we focus on finding them and of course there are no broker fees on our end.
  5. Completely free! No fees or costs. You don’t pay anything. Like our deal? Give us a call and let’s negotiate. If not, just wait for the next one!

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Creating a passive real estate portfolio requires a great team.

Louisiana is our home and profitable real estate is our passion. It takes a great team to create, grow and manage a profitable passive real estate portfolio.

We focus on one thing; Finding incredible real estate deals.

We have relationships with everyone you need to put together your real estate portfolio.

  • Property Acquisition (that’s us )
  • Financing
  • Title Companies
  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Property Managers
  • Maintenance
  • Appraisers

We can help you get started with everyone you’ll need to create your real estate investing portfolio.

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